Xenneo: Tampa Mobile App Development Company

We are among the top tech companies in Florida with the culture characterized by innovation and backed with numerous years of innovation-driven technical skills. Xenneo is a global leader in providing IT solutions such as Mobile App Development, Software Development, Web Development, Consultancy, providing next-generation services in Miami & Tampa, Florida. Whether it’s a business strategy, operational strategy or technology strategy, we give dimensions to our clients’ business future. We have been recognized for our exceptional service capabilities and industry specific solutions in today’s challenging business environment.

We are always with our clients whether their goals entail upgrading their ERP application, launching a cloud integration strategy, going digital, developing customized software or implementing a talent management solution.



There are numerable firms that offer technology services but you have only one Xenneo. When you choose to partner with us, you can trust in our capabilities to help you solve your challenges and achieve your goals. We support you with the comprehensive blend of strategic thinking, attention to thedetail and aggressive approach to get your improved outcome at scale. Our services are developed through years of experience, innovation and a dedication to create productive difference in the client’s experience.


Xenneo is the lead provider of the cloud solutions and services. Whether your organization has fully embraced the cloud or just beginning the cloud journey, we can offer you competent services for the cloud to help enterprises complement your infrastructure by combining the strengths of public, private or hybrid cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Winners in the digital age know success comes from more than just covering the technology checklist. The digital revolution is dramatically transforming every industry. As the digital and physical world have been blurring for many years, consumers learned to shop in virtual stores and to meet in virtual spaces. Digital technology has changed the way companies deal with customers, deliver products and services, interact with stakeholders, exploit their operations, engage their workforce and many more. Every business going to be digital business as digital is going more and morecustomer-centric. How is digital disruption affecting your organization? And how well are your organization responding to minimize the threats and maximize the opportunities presented by this change?


‘2016 Xenneo’ mobility research Stats’


In Xenneo mobility survey, we tried to measure from fortune 500 companies about what executives think and how they feel about mobile apps to be critical to their businesses in driving their organization’s digital transformation.


85% said mobile apps are mandatory for realizing full digital benefits


85% thinks mobile apps are an integral part of their organization.


90% said there is high demand from their customers for more effective mobile apps


88% believes that mobile apps will be assertive interface for the future


As the world of businesses and technology are integrating swiftly, it creating more space for innovation and better aspects for opportunity to grow and conceptualize the business. Our industry experience enables us to provide above edge innovative strategies to shape our clients businesses and their ecosystems.

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